Polica – “I Need $” // “So Leave”


Pairs Well With…Gayngs, Phantogram, Bat For Lashes


After catching up with Polica at SXSW 2012, the Minneapolis space-rock band has followed up with the form-fitting Shulamith, a record both weirder and more accessible than the band’s splendid debut, released just a year prior.  The quick buffering of the band’s catalog is great proof of Channy Casselle and friends’ powerful songwriting ability.  Two drummers, a bassist and electronic atmospherics make up the palette of Polica’s foundation, a deep, sexy and salient territory.  This is what psychedelia sounds like in 2014 and we are all better for it.

2012 Review: Representing the electronic pop corner of the Gayngs gang, Polica is getting ready to release their debut LP early next year.  Polica features Channy Casselle, formally of roots band Roma di Luna alongside a bassist and two percussionists.  The bass carries the two tracks released earlier this year with interesting electronic dynamics adding color and a sense of space.  “Dark Star” features auto-tune turned up to “Bon Iver” to add a little more mystery to their already deep sound.  Though we’ve only gotten a taste, I buy what Polica is selling and can’t wait to see what these guys are all about in 2012.